Your Hairapy Session

Your Hairapy Session

Hey Beautifuls! Before starting your amazing hair journey with me please read below.

Before Your Appointment

  • Come with a game plan. I like to check out past haircut and color work you’ve had done and what you liked or didn’t like about it. Bring inspo pics from online or check out my Instagram @portlandhairstylist! Don’t worry about finding the exact thing, that’s why I’m here!
  • Book Online or call the salon at 503.223.7331 to make an appointment. If your desired time is not available hit me up via text or email. If you do book online and unsure of what service you need, add it into the notes section on Vagaro.
  • Book a Consultation. If you are unsure of your hair goal book a haircut and/or color consultation with me. This is complimentary and takes around 15-30 minutes. Please call the salon, 503.223.7331 or email me with your name, phone number and what you would like to achieve Afterwards we’ll then schedule your hair appointment.
  • Make sure your hair is Clean and dry before any color service.  I know some stylist will say it really doesn’t make a difference, but it actually does especially if you’d like to go lighter. Nice clean hair will not have any product buildup or oils to fight through.
  • Be prepared to answer questions. The first questions that I usually ask are:

When was your last haircut and/or color service?

What hair products do you like to use?

How often do you wash your hair?

Do you use any hot tools and if so how often?

I’ll definitely be asking more questions like this so be prepared. Afterwards I’ll then go over the game plan for your hair visit.

  • Allow enough time to arrive on schedule to your appointment. 77 Salon is located in the Pearl District which means it can be tricky to find parking so please allow enough time to arrive. There is street parking and parking lots available. You can also use Parking Kitty. 77 Salon is located in the basement of building 1100 NW Glisan.

During your Appointment

  • Speak Up. If you have questions about your hair during your consultation, don’t be shy and let me know. Communicate the needs of your hair; your likes and dislikes and how you style. Remember I’m here to give you an amazing hair experience so honesty and clear communication is a must.
  • Think about Product. If you’re booking any hair service you should definitely think about product. I mean your spending money on having good hair right? It can be pretty overwhelming at first, but don’t worry I’ll go through the products with you and select the ones that I feel are the best fit at first. We carry really great product lines such as Kevin Murphy and Amika.
  • Prebook your next Appointment. If you wait to make your appointment at the last minute I can’t guarantee you that I can get you in your desired time. So please think about prebooking. It’s also important to prebook to keep your hair from losing its amazing color, shine and style.

After Your Appointment

  • Give a Shout-Out! If you enjoyed your hair service and time with me, tell a friend. I love building new business this way.
  • Social Media Shout-Outs and Online Reviews. This is a great way to tell the world about your experience. Review sites can be Facebook, Yelp or google+.
  • Do Not Wash your Hair Everyday! This will ensure the longevity or your haircolor and will keep your hair from being overly stripped of healthy oils. Washing your hair everyday can also lead to a dry scalp as well as dry hair. The best thing you can do is instead of shampoo and conditioner everyday, think about maybe doing just conditioner. Clients that work out or wake up with disheveled hair I recommend that when you wash just use conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. I know this can be difficult for the everyday washer, but try it out I promise you will notice a difference with your hair and scalp! And this goes for my curly hair clients too!
  • NO Hot Water.  Never use hot water on your hair. Reason. It helps with the longevity of your haircolor and keeps your hair from feeling overly dry. What I recommend is take your shower at the temp you like then when you wash and condition switch it to a cooler temp. This is especially important for my fashion color clients.
  • Heat Protectors are a MUST! If you are blow-drying, hot tool styling you must be using heat protectant products in your hair. Heat styling without a protectant can lead to split ends, faded color and/or breakage. If you have a tool that you can choose the temperature keep below 370 degrees.

It’s not only doing hair, YOUR HAIR, that excites me but really getting to know who you are. I’ve always held the stylist to client interaction with the upmost respect. After all I am your Hairapist! (Wink). Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you!

Your Hairdresser,



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