October Newsletter!

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October Newsletter!

Hello My Beautiful Clients!

Well, I did it! As of Sunday October 1st I am now Mrs. Bazor! It was such a beautiful wedding I couldn’t have had asked for more. We were surrounded by so many loved ones, friends and family, you could feel it! I cried and cried and cried and thanks to Marissa Freeman my makeup did not run! At all!

One of my dear friends had written a letter to both Alex and I speaking of the sanctity of marriage, respecting one another and also maintaining privacy for yourselves and your new union. Well, she’s been with her man for fifty-six years and married to him for forty-eight so I think she knows what she’s talking about. With that said, I plan on living my life for respect of my marriage and myself with a little more privacy. I will still be continuing posting hair updates on my @portlandhairstylist Instagram as well as updating photos on my website. I will also be sending newsletters out of hair trends and what’s happening at 77!

I love working at 77 Salon. I’ve been there for over two years and plan on being there for many more. One of the main reasons I had moved to 77 Salon was their online booking system and having a receptionist on board. Natalie is fantastic! She’s attentive to client’s needs as well as the stylists.

With that said and now being a newlywed starting a new chapter in my life I’m ready to have a more balanced personal and work life. As of this week I will no longer be taking business calls or text messages through my personal phone. Any emails will be answered through 77 or my email within my business hours. Listed below are hours and times I will be working.

Wednesday 10am-7pm
Thursday     10am – 7pm
Friday           10am – 6pm
Saturday      10am – 5pm

Big events in ones life can be exciting, ecstatic and even tumultuous. I had so much fun and support planning my wedding, but in the end I was definitely in the bridezilla mode and it did affect my work and attentiveness to the most important person – YOU! It’s because of you that I have a career, it’s you that I am leasing and it’s you that I love what I do. Afterall, I am your hairapist (Wink)! Thank you for your feedback, advice and understanding.

Your trusted stylist and now new wifey,

Emily Mazour
Mrs. Emily Bazor

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