December Newsletter!

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December Newsletter!


Happy Holidays!

So I know you guys haven’t heard from me in a while, and with 77 Salon writing their own newsletter I didn’t want to bombard you – but here is what’s going on at the shop!

Let’s change that hair color!

Of course they say blondes do have more fun, but honestly I beg to differ.  Subtle lowlights of caramel, copper, red, or even violet will add dimension to your hair without feeling you’ve gone too dark.  Or, let’s just change it up all together.  I also do have a special right now. Book a cut with gloss for $75.  This is a great way to seal that cuticle and add some shine.  I can also tone down that brassiness or even deepen your faded color.  So come and see me, I would love to change it up for you!

Menswear Series

As many of you know, Holly Seeber and I have been working on a series of women in menswear.  This has been a creative venture of mine and each shoot just keeps getting better and better.  The last one I was inspired by the movie The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.   You can view this shoot through my website or Instagram.  This next shoot I’m really excited about because the designers of Wildfang want to collaborate!  This is a big step for Holly and me and I’m super stoked for this shoot! Woohoo!  Check out Wildfang’s designs!

Avari Publication

Avari magazine published another one of Holly’s and my shoots.  This one we were inspired to go a little darker.  When I was creating the hair on our model Katrina, I was thinking of vampires and gothic styles.  Check out the link below to see some of our work!

“Let me In.”

New Website

April, owner of 77, has been working day and night to revamp our shop.  Her work has finally paid off with new paint, décor, and also a brand new website!  The home page has a little video, which if you pay close attention you can see my advance texturizing technique I do with my shears.  My model is the one pulling the Mylie Cyrus sticking out the tongue look.  I’m so happy to be at 77 because not only is my bio up, but April has linked my personal website to 77’s – as well as showcasing some of my editorial work.  So please take a peek at mine as well as 77’s.  We’ve worked really hard on both of them.

77 Salon

Well, that’s it for now.  Happy Holidays and hope to see you soon!


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