Modern Salon Publication! October Issue!

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Modern Salon Publication! October Issue!


So me and Holly Seeber’s hard work is finally paying off!  It was crazy, I was hanging out in the breakroom of 77 Salon and Frankie our awesome manager came up to me and told me there was a lady that called about my work in the Modern Salon October issue.  I was a little taken aback, I had talked with the assistant editor Elizabeth of Modern Salon a couple months ago and she wanted some information about me and Holly’s Victorian Flair shoot.  She told me we would be in the September issue.  Well, when I got the magazine I was going through it and didn’t find my work in there so I really didn’t think anything about it.

If you look at page fifty of the October issue of Modern Salon you’ll see three photos of model Echo Bekannt.  I had met Echo from an online site that features makeup artists, stylists, designers, and models.  I really wanted to get into doing creative haircuts and colors and when I told Echo my vision she was totally down for it.  This was me and Holly’s first shoot together.

When I first met Echo she had about three inches of growout with faded pink in her hair.  For this shoot I wanted to play around with purples, cool blondes, and pastel blue.  So for the first step I bleached out or roots then touched it up with pravana purple.  Because I wanted the ends to stay fairly light I washed her hair out before foiling the rest.  Once I had blow dried I then foiled variations of pastel pink, baby blue, and shades of purple.  For the cut I created an asymmetrical look while shaving the inside of her hair.  Because Echo’s hair is so thick when it’s styled down you can’t see the shaved sides.

My inspiration for this shoot was victorian inspired with a Tim Burton flair.   I love the darker side of things, looks that are abstract with a little mystery and story behind it.

Since then Holly and I have used Echo for at least six of our shoots.  This girl can pretty much pull off anything so her hair is a great palette to work with.  The last shoot we did of her was posted on Modern Salon’s Instagram.  I also entered the look into the Matrix Color Competition.

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