September Newsletter at 77 Salon

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September Newsletter at 77 Salon


Well, I haven’t been here for very long at 77, but I can already tell you that I absolutely love it!  For those of you who haven’t come to see me yet, you’ll be in for a super treat!  I’m already learning new cutting and coloring techniques and different ways to market my business.  Being at 77 has definitely opened my eyes to more career and creative ventures!  So with that said here is the lowdown at 77 Salon.

Yelp Reviews!

When I first started leasing, I was worried about how people would find me.  I would constantly hand out business cards, stay at the shop all day, and consistently post on social media.  But what really helped my business was having my wonderful clients leave yelp reviews.  Now at 77, owner April has been fantastic with getting all of us 77 Salon stylists out there by having our bio’s on the home page and blasting us on Instagram and Facebook.  I’m so happy to be around such supportive people, but you know what, I would still love to hear from you too!  So if you would like to write a review about my mad hair skills and your experience at the salon it would be much appreciated!  And if you honestly don’t feel like it, that’s cool too!  I love yeah anyways!

Photoshoot Time!

Holly Seeber and I will have our first photoshoot at the salon monday night! And guess who the model is?  Well, I’m not telling you!  The inspiration for this shoot is 60’s beatnik style. I’m really looking forward to it because Holly and I can look at how to utilize the space here at 77 Salon, blast the music super loud, and get down and wild!  Let the creativity flow!  I seriously can’t wait to share it with you!

Salon Client Dedication!

My website, has been up and running for about two months now and everyone has been telling me how clean, professional, and easy it is to navigate.  Thank you so much for your feedback it really means a lot!  Well, after doing tons and tons of fine tuning and getting my portfolio section all organized, I have finally created a section that is dedicated to you, my clients.  Under the “Salon Clients” section you will find images of cuts, colors, and updos that I have done at 77 as well as a brief description.  So watch out, you may be my next victim!

Oh yeah… Cheese Bar Chizu!

Okay, so a lot of you know that I’m a huge foody person, so I like to mention a new place here and there.  Well, while my guy and I were waiting for a table at Tasty-n-Alder we meander down to the little cheese bar Chizu.  I was close to hyperventilating with excitement when I looked at their selection.  Set in a style much like a sushi bar you have the choice of selecting as many cheeses as you like or you can have the well-educated staff choose for you.  Honestly, if I had the choice of cheesecake (which I absolutely love) or a chunk of cheese for the rest of my life, I’d definitely go for the latter!  Hands down!

So I feel I really covered a lot of ground with this newsletter, don’t you?  As always thank you so much for your kind words and support and see you at 77!


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