Couve Couture Fashion Show

You know how you get stuck in a rut?  Or you end up doing the same routine over and over?  Well, even creatives like myself can get that way.  So to step outside my bubble, Holly Seeber (my absolutely amazing photographer) and I are starting to attend some really awesome social networking groups and Portland’s fun and hip fashion shows.

Couve Couture was a cool fashion show that was set in mid April.  The location was in downtown Vancouver, WA in the Historic Providence Academy.  It was amazing!  And my most favorite designer, Kate Miles, was there showcasing her beautiful one-of-a-kind dreamy fanciful gowns.   I met Kate last year when I was creating an avant-garde shoot with photographer Myles Katherine.  Her gowns worked perfectly for the concept I wanted to portray and ever since then we’ve kept in contact and have collaborated on several photoshoots together.  I have really seen her grow, not just literally (Haha Kate, because you are only like fifteen!), but creatively.  She totally rocks it and I am so happy to be apart of her success.  Since then our work has been published locally as well as internationally!

Couve Couture was me and Holly’s first fashion ever!  I know, totally embarrassing!  Both her and I are really into fashion editorial work, creating concepts for shoots, and just getting a superstar team together.  So attending Couve Couture we were like kids in a candy store!  It was so much fun to scope out designers and models that we wanted to work with.  One model in particular stood out, Britney Dixon.  Britney was walking for designer Kate Beeman and as soon as we saw her gliding down the catwalk both Holly and I wanted to work with her.  Recently, Holly had done a project with Brittany that was featured in Rebelicious!  And I’m really excited to say that she will be modeling for me for my third installment of the Women in Menswear series.

All in all, Couve Couture was a great success not just for the designers and the masterminds behind-the- scenes, but for both me and Holly.  We got to mingle with a lot of fun fashion forward people and made some great connections!

So if you’re wanting to meet some amazing people and get inspired, I would highly recommend you check out the fabulous fashion shows in Portland.  And if you’re wanting to work with me on some kick-ass shoots, or to come and see me for a super awesome cut and color contact me through!


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