77 Salon! My new home!

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77 Salon! My new home!

Morning! I am super excited to tell you that I have moved to 77 Salon!

Ward Stroud Salon has been such a great place for me and I will hold it near and dear to my heart, but I am ready to soar! Within the year that I have been leasing at Ward Stroud Salon I have met some amazing people that are my clients now (I totally love you guys), develop some awesome contacts in the fashion biz, and have gained the confidence and knowledge of being a business owner. Woohoo! Now I know that I have not been able to contact all of my super awesome clients, but I will do so throughout this week and next and will be moving your appointments to the new booking system Vagaro.

Now here’s the perks!

77 Salon is a super chill and hip salon located in the Pearl District. What really attracted me to the space was how big it is. I can actually move around my chair so I don’t have to spin you around and make you dizzy, tons of natural lighting, and it’s so not stuffy and hoity toity. I also have the opportunity to learn new haircutting and color techniques from my incredibly friendly coworkers. And what’s super cool is because of the size of the space and the go-ahead by owner April, Holly and I are able to do photoshoots at 77 which is a great opportunity to market myself, Holly, and even the salon. Oh yeah, did I even mention that there is a receptionist? His name is Frankie and he is also the manager of the salon. Say what? So if I can’t get to my phone you can always call the shop and they’ll hook you up.

Okay so now that I got you hooked and you’re needing a cut/color like bad enjoy a stroll down to the Pearl from the Alphabet District or drive and find meter parking easily accessible. And when you arrive to your destination (in between 11th and 12th off of Glisan of course to see me!) enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea, beer, or wine, or enjoy all four… just kidding!

Lets see what else…oh yeah, 77 Salon showcases a new artist each month which will be featured on first thursday. So my artsy and creative clients if you’re are interested in showing off your work go to the 77 Salon website and contact our art curator, Mimi Solum.

Now that I have given you the 411, my books will be open Monday through Saturday and I will be grandfathering all my clients from Ward’s only raising my pricing by $5. So I’m not charging you a bizzilion dollars! Now since reading this lengthy email I’m sure your hair has grown out quite a bit and you need to get your hair done like now! Just click the link below to make your reservation.

Thank you so much for your support and coming to see me. I can’t wait to show you my new home!


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