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77 Salon

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77 Salon

One of my good friends has been working at 77 Salon for about a year.  She had been at a few salons before then, but I could tell that 77 was a good fit for her.  One of the reasons that I could tell she really enjoyed it was because she always wanted me to work there with her.  Leasing can be a really scary and difficult thing to do.  You have to make sure to have enough money saved or someone to support you so that you can build your business.  You also have to be extremely committed, persistent, and not to get hard on yourself when you’re slow.  I had only been leasing at Ward Stroud Salon for six months when Janelle (my friend) made the switch to 77.  I was really happy for her, but I knew at the time that I was not ready to start leasing anywhere else.  I still needed to build my clientele, get my finances in set, and just overall have more experience of being a business owner.  Now it’s been a year and a half and I finally I feel ready.

77 SalonWhat got me hooked on 77 Salon was the owner April Appleyard.  Ward Stroud Salon has been great, but I was now ready to find a place that would help me further my career as a hairstylist as well as an artist.  When I briefly mentioned it to Janelle about moving she was completely on it and made sure to tell April.  I honestly did not know what to expect.  Now, being a business owner for over a year, I had a certain criteria that I wanted met.  I wanted to work somewhere that has a positive environment, a place that stylists are viewed as individuals and their talents and not their flaws.  I wanted a place that would allow me creative freedom such as having my own website and full access to my chair with no restrictions on days.  I also wanted to find a place that would allow me to prep for my photoshoots such as having the models hair and makeup done at the salon before going to the studio.  And I wanted my clients to be my clients.  I really felt that my criteria was a little extensive, but I was not going to allow myself to bend because I knew deep down that I wouldn’t be happy.

When I first met April I could tell that we were going to hit it off.  She had only been the owner of 77 Salon for about a year, but she has had plenty of experience as a stylists as well as someone who leases.  When she was telling me her story, it sounded quite similar to my own.  By listening to her I could tell that she really thinks about her staff and her salon, and understands the balance of what it takes to be an owner as well as a fellow stylist.  When I had shown her my website as well as portfolio and had told her what I was looking for, she was really encouraging and she pretty much said yes to it all.  And that’s what did it.

77 Salon is located in the Pearl District in Portland, OR.  It has been around for many years and has always held a reputable name.  Now new owner April along with her fantastic team, are making complete headway with placing it on the map.  The location and esthetics sets the tone of an upper end salon, but its chill, down-to-earth vibe makes it a friendly environment inviting clients from all backgrounds.  The salon carries its own esthetician and nail tech as well as housing a wide range of highly talented stylists specializing in mens grooming, creative colors and cuts, and bridal hair designs.  And when first entering the establishment all guests are warmly greeted and offered a complimentary beverage.

77 salon has been a haven for many stylists and guests throughout the years.  And I’m truly happy to find this place as my new home and looking forward to the many creative endeavors it has in store!  So come visit me, Emily Mazour, and I’ll tell you what’s going on!


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