Women in Menswear Shoot Series #1

Menswear shoot series #1.

“Women in Menswear” is a series that I’m creating this year with Photographer Holly Seeber.  I came up with this concept because I wanted the focus to be heavily set on my cuts and colors without a lot of background “noise.”  For this series I also hired wardrobe stylist Evy Taraylo.

This model has extremely curly, fine hair and one of the problems she faces is not enough volume.  Portland’s pretty trendy with style here so I wanted to give her something that would really pop!  For the cut I used shears and a razor to create an asymmetrical look.  For the color I used a level 5 red-violet on the roots and bayalaged Pravana Vivids magenta, orange, neon pink, and red.  I then used Evo Liquid Rollers, Shape Vixen, and Casual Act for styling.

To make an appointment schedule through emilymazour.com.

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