From Lavender to Pastel Blue

Purple hair - Portland, OR Ombre - Portland, OR

At Ward Stroud Salon we get quite a few clients who really love having creative cuts and colors.  Kelsey has been growing her hair out for about a year and a half.  When I colored her hair last summer we did a beautiful lavender color, as you can see from the photo.  She then refreshened the color herself with a slight blue tone without bleaching the roots.  Keep in mind that I have not colored her hair for over a year.

Fashion colors such as purple, magenta, blue, and etc. can fade out of the hair really quickly and also can be extremely difficult to pull out.  With Kelsey’s hair we broke up the blue by foiling highlights with 20vol and Well’s Blonder.  I then toned with an 8Ash for about 10 minutes.  We also cut her hair a lot shorter giving her a textured slightly A-line bob.

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