Behind the Scenes “Women in Menswear”

Behind the Scenes - Portland, OR

This is the first photoshoot of my “Women in Menswear” series.

Holly and I usually shoot three to four models, but because I want to focus more on my haircutting and coloring techniques, we limit it to two now.  The wardrobe stylist is Evy Taraylo

I really like shooting this series in-studio because I don’t have to worry about outside elements, wardrobe changes in the car, and scouting for locations.  I can just focus on the hair.  I haven’t decided yet as to how many I’d like to shoot this year, I’m just kind of rolling with it for now.  But what I like about my “Women in Menswear” series is that it’s nice, clean, simple with a lot of detail and focus on the hair.

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