Victorian Inspired Hair

Soft and Frilly

I did this shoot just last Sunday with a great photographer, Holly Seeber.  I had two concepts for this theme:  Soft and Frilly, and Stark and Contrasting.  With these two models I went for a softer, more whimsical look.

Both of the models have naturally blonde hair around a level 8 to 9, so it was easy to find additional hair pieces that matched.  To make the hairpieces (the synthetic hair I purchased) stand out, I decided to spray paint them with various colors that would tie in the whole style.  For height, I did a lot of backcombing using various hair products.  I also used paper towel rolls, carefully wrapping and stuffing them around their hairstyle.

I chose these models, not just for their hair, which both have long thick manes, or their natural beauty even, but I chose them for their eye color as well.  Both have very light almost translucent blue eyes and with the darkening makeup as well as intertwining the blue within the hairstyle, really made them stand out.

When styling for my shoots, I tend to gravitate more to soft, classic style mixed in with a little bit of modernization.  I feel like this type of styling, the accentuation of feminine beauty, will always be captivating and forever alluring … no matter what audience.

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