From Straight to Curly

One of my clients, Brian, came in a few weeks ago.  It was really cool I talked with him over the phone, he was considering perming his hair.  He never done it before, so I asked him what the length of his hair was and what look he was trying to achieve.  Already, with never meeting him before, I had this idea of how cool it would be to perm the top and fade the sides…I guess it would give kind of hipsterish…new wave style from out of the norm of a man with permed hair (it’s definitely not 70s anymore, please no more Richard Simons).  When Brian came in, he was wearing a topknot, released his hair out of his ponytail.  It was definitely long enough to perm.  With that said, I used purple rods (about the size of your ring finger) wrapped it with the natural hair fall…and BAM!!  I really thought I was done with perms from school eons ago (okay, not that long), but you know, I really had fun with this.  I think it would be cool to work with different hair textures and try curl reforming in future perming expeditions!

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