Bridal Hair Part One


I’m teaching classes once a month at my salon.  I use to teach at a beauty school a couple of years ago before starting this gig, so I really want to stay connected with my old students.  I teach small classes, usually up to four students per a class.  This class we went over updos, specifically going over bridal hair.  I talk about what questions to ask your bride, bridal trials, and helpful tips to styling.  Here are some tidbits…

1.  Before you even start talking about the fabulous hairstyle you will be creating on your bride, make sure to display Confidence and Professionalism.  

When you’re first starting in the hairbiz, bridal hair can just be down right nerve racking (you may get the sweats, an anxiety attack, or just act like a deer in headlights).  Don’t sweat it, every hairstyles for years and years have been through this before.  However, if your bride smells blood in the water, you’re done for (well maybe pretty close to it).  To avoid that, keep in control, show that you know what you’re doing, and start building trust with her.  The wedding is her special day.  Look at it from a stand point where you get to create this beautiful style, that she’ll have compliments, pictures, and oohs and aahs about.

2.  Once you have that trust, find out what theme the wedding is, the style of the brides dress (which is very important because it ties into your updo), and whether the bride would like her hair done onsite or at your salon and if her bridesmaids will have their hair styled as well.

3.  Determined the price.  Usually when I’m doing big parties and special events such as a wedding, I always let my clients know what the overall price is.  Also, prices vary depending on if your bride is coming to your salon or if you will be traveling to her.

4.  Now that you know the details, you’re ready to create the style.  Tip:  Most brides will come to you before the wedding day, which is great because after the consultation you can set an appt. with her for a bridal trial.  It also relieves a lot of stress off your back because you will know how to execute the style.  The bridal trial should include…

– Making recommendations such as:  Let her know she should get her haircut and color a week or so before her wedding day.  Suggest that she sees you.  By then you should know her style and her hair, you know how the highlights will lay, or what her bangs will look like for the updo.  And giving her and yourself a week or so gives you plenty of time to do some tweaking if needed.

– Take pictures!! Front, back, and sides.  List the products you used, how much time it will take, and if she will bearing a veil or hairpiece.  The more thorough you are the better.

The next posting is PART TWO…getting into the “how to” of the hairstyle.  Let’s CHECK it OUT!!

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